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1 What is the Woman’s Condom?

The Woman’s Condom is a new female condom designed to provide protection from both unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

2 How does the Woman’s Condom offer protection from pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections?
The Woman’s Condom provides protection in two main ways. Worn by the woman, the condom serves as a physical barrier between the vagina, cervix, and penis that cannot be penetrated by semen and various STI organisms, including HIV. The outer portion of the female condom covers external genitalia and base of the penis and offers additional protection against STIs. 
Remember, no method is 100% effective. To be effective, the Woman’s Condom must be used consistently and correctly each time you have sex.
3 Is the Woman’s Condom safe?
There are no known health risks to using the Woman’s Condom. In clinical studies, the Woman’s Condom is as safe as other female condom products.
4 What are the advantages of the Woman’s Condom?
Feels good during sex and is comfortable for both partners.
Easy to use, handle, and insert.
Can be inserted ahead of time so does not interrupt sex.
Has a soft, moist texture that feels more natural than male latex condoms during sex.
Does not dull the sensation of sex like male condoms.
Is not tight or constricting like male condoms.
Outer ring provides added sexual stimulation for some women.
Does not need to be removed immediately after ejaculation. 
Can be used to help protect against pregnancy and STIs, including HIV.
Does not contain hormones.
Does not have side effects.
Can be used without seeing a health care provider.
Women can initiate use of the Woman’s Condom.
5 Who can use the Woman’s Condom?
All women can use the Woman’s Condom. There are no medical conditions that prevent use of this method.
6 Why is the Woman’s Condom packaged with lubricant?
Each condom comes with its own 3mL packet of water-based lubricant. Woman’s Condoms are packaged dry (unlubricated) because the insertion cap and foam shapes need to stay dry until use.
Adding lubricant to the Woman’s Condom pouch when it is used is important to ensure the penis can easily slide in and out of the pouch. If no lubricant is used, the penis could pull the pouch out of the vagina. See the instructions for use for tips on how to apply the lubricant.
7 What is in the lubricant? How do I know it is safe?
Woman’s Condom lubricant is a water-based lubricant containing six ingredients: purified water, glycerin, propylene glycol, methylparaben, propylparaben, and hydroxyethylcellulose.
In clinical studies, women and men have not reported any side effects or safety issues related to use of the lubricant.
8 Can I use any type of lubricant with the Woman’s Condom?
The Woman’s Condom is recommended for use with the water-based lubricant that comes packaged with the condom. Couples have found Woman’s Condom performs well with this type of lubricant.
9 What is the purpose of the capsule? What is it made of?
The closed end of the Woman’s Condom is wrapped in a dissolving capsule. The capsule makes handling and inserting the condom easier. It is made of polyvinyl alcohol, a safe and non-irritating substance that has been used in medical products for many years.  
When you open the Woman’s Condom package, don’t pull the dissolving capsule off the condom. The capsule needs to stay where it is to help you insert the condom. See the instructions for use for guidance on how to insert the condom.
10 What is the purpose of the foam shapes? How do I know the foam shapes will not fall off?
The foam shapes help hold the pouch stable in the vagina during sex. They are heat welded onto the condom pouch. Quality assurance tests during manufacturing ensure the shapes are securely fixed on the condom pouch. In studies, women have not reported problems with the foam shapes.
11 How do I use the Woman’s Condom?
The Woman’s Condom is easy to use. For step-by-step instructions, see the instructions for use.
12 How will I know if the Woman’s Condom is inserted correctly in my vagina?
Push the dissolving capsule as far inside your vagina as you can until the ring is snug against your body. The ring should remain on the outside of the vagina. Inserting the condom 5 to 15 minutes before sex makes the condom more stable during use.
13 What happens to the capsule after I insert Woman’s Condom into my body?
The capsule mixes with the moisture in your vagina and dissolves quickly, usually in about 30-60 seconds. After sex, your natural vaginal secretions help wash the small amount of moisture from the capsule out of your body.
14 How long before sex can I insert the Woman’s Condom?
Most women insert the Woman’s Condom 5 to 15 minutes before sex. This is similar to reports of women’s experience with other female condoms.
15 How much lubricant do I need to use?
You can experiment with how much or little lubricant you and your partner need. Some women add a bit of lubricant to the capsule to help it slide into her vagina. After the condom capsule is inserted in the vagina, a few drops of lubricant should be added inside the condom pouch or directly to the penis, or both. Lubricant can enhance pleasure and make sex more intimate and fun.
16 Can I use the Woman’s Condom with a male condom?
No. The friction caused by the two condoms can lead to tearing of either one or both the condoms. Also, using one condom (male or female condom) provides the same protection for both partners.
17 Can I use the Woman’s Condom with other contraceptives?
Yes. The Woman’s Condom can be used with the pill, injections, IUD contraceptives. If you or your partner has permanent contraception (male or female sterilization) you can use the Woman’s Condom to protect against STIs, including HIV.
18 Can I reuse the Woman’s Condom?
No. Reuse of any condom, whether a male or female condom, is not recommended. A new condom should be used every time you have intercourse.

19 Can I use the Woman’s Condom when I’m pregnant?
Yes. You can use the Woman’s Condom when you are pregnant because the condom doesn’t move beyond the cervix. You can also use the Woman’s Condom after recently giving birth.
20 Can I use the Woman’s Condom for anal sex?
The Woman’s Condom was not designed to be used for anal sex. It has not been studied for anal sex, so it has not been approved for anal sex.
21 How do I dispose of the Woman’s Condom?
The Woman’s Condom should be disposed in the trash bin; not down the toilet.
1. Twist the ring to seal the condom to prevent the contents from spilling out.
2. The Woman’s Condom may be pulled out and wrapped in the package it came in and/or in tissue.
3. The Woman’s Condom should be disposed of in waste containers; not in the toilet. 
Women dispose of sanitary napkins in a clean and private way; the same procedures should be used for the disposal of the Woman’s Condom.
22 What if the ring is pushed inside my vagina?
STOP. Remove the Woman’s Condom. Insert a new female condom according to the directions.
23 What if the penis doesn’t enter correctly?
It is important that the penis is guided into the center of the Woman’s Condom and not between the vaginal wall and the outer side of the Woman’s Condom. If the penis enters incorrectly STOP and start over, with additional lubrication, if necessary.
24 What should I do if the Woman’s Condom slips or is used incorrectly?
If the condom slips, is not used, or is used incorrectly, we suggest talking to your health care provider about emergency contraception, which can help prevent pregnancy. If you show signs or symptoms of a sexually transmitted infection, consult your health care provider.

25 Where can I find or purchase the Woman’s Condom?
In China, the Woman’s Condom can be purchased online:
All other product inquiries should be directed to:
Hua Chen, President
Shanghai Dahua Medical Apparatus Co., Ltd.
A-B Flr.20, Bld 5, Lane 413, Lujiabang Rd, Shanghai, China
26 How long can the Woman’s Condom be kept, and are there any special storage requirements?
An expiration date is printed on every Woman’s Condom package. The Woman’s Condom must be used before the printed date. Store the Woman’s Condom at room temperature (-20°C–38°C).
27 What does the expiration date on the package mean? 
The expiration date is the date when it is no longer safe to use the Woman’s Condom.
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