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The Woman’s Condom (branded as O’LavieTM in China) has many benefits and advantages:

·         Feels good during sex and is comfortable for both partners.
·         Easy to use, handle, and insert.
·         Can be inserted ahead of time so does not interrupt sex.
·         Has a soft, moist texture that feels more natural than male latex condoms during sex.
·         Does not dull the sensation of sex like male condoms.  
·         Is not tight or constricting like male condoms.  
·         Outer ring provides added sexual stimulation for some women.
·         Does not need to be removed immediately after ejaculation.  
·         Can be used to help protect against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, including HIV.
·         Does not contain hormones.
·         Does not have side effects.
·         Can be used without seeing a health care provider.
·         Women can initiate use of the Woman’s Condom. 

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